Bhaktananda Ashram is back in Seattle!


In its essence, Bhaktananda Ashram is a concept that is not tied to any particular place.  Similar to Consciousness, it exists everywhere and nowhere.  It exists as a point in space wherever Devi Bhaktananda is on the planet, and currently that is in the Sand Point area of Seattle.  The vision is to have perpetual, self-sustaining points in space all over the planet, and this will happen when Spirit decides it’s time.  Until then, we have the internet to stay connected.  Jai Technology!

cropped-SampleSriFrescoYantraOnly.jpgDevi has been drawing and painting Sacred Yantras for the last year and has received much positive feedback as to their power and efficacy.  She started with the Sri Yantra pictured here and has branched out to Rajashyamala.

Bhaktananda Ashram is an all gender inclusive, LGBTQ supportive virtual community space for people on various spiritual paths to explore their own unique connection with the Divine in the company of others.

This site will be used for sharing information about community events, products, and Devi Bhaktananda’s musings about this journey we call life.

Devi Bhaktananda is the founder and caretaker of the ashram.  Please email them at to inquire about events, schedule Skype sessions, or purchase products.